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My parents are discussing like, when they first met, and my mom is telling my dad how at first he had like a poker face attitude, and she didn’t know what to do, and my dad is saying that’s not true, he cared, and my mom asked if he really loved her and then I heard like my mom ask my dad why he liked her and after his reply she said “so it wasn’t for long legs and nice body?” And I’m just like what.
I’m just sitting here listening to them and it’s really cute and funny

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I started the base of my assignment early.

I actually looked for evidence to work with during class.

I technically finished on time.

I log into Canvas to turn it in.

I panicked when I couldn’t find the assignment to turn in.

I have typed my entire assignment on the wrong Google Drive.

By the time I figure this out, I missed the submission deadline.

I fix it, turn it in anyways with a lame apology, and cry because the submission form said I was late.


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We had this random psych demo today, where we had to pair up based on playing cards we had on our backs, and I ended up spinning in a circle in the middle of the room before one of my friends who previously “rejected” me as a partner said we should just pair up. Sorry, it made me happy because he’s a friend crush.

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