My heart races and my stomach sinks just thinking about you

-sighs loudly-

16. April 2014

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Guess I’m gonna drive myself to Gahr High School on Thursday to watch their game against Westminster! I don’t know, maybe I just really love the Westminster team… :3

Nope, still no such thing as peace.

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Ugh, I can’t even enjoy a freakin’ eclipse in peace… T-T

Is it weird that sometimes I just love being a pessimist?

Ugh, senpai always notices me but never wants anything to do with me ;A;

Next time I’m about to like a guy… I need people to slap me. I cannot do it again. At least not this year.

It sucks how you’re into one of my favorite hobbies, so now that I’m trying to get over you while I play, I just think about you more. I think my heart sank about 7 or 8 times tonight… -sigh- Damn it.

So like, my grandma asked where my brother was, so I told her, “Oh, he went to the doctor’s” and she just got this really grim look on her face and said, “I told them…” And I’m like, “what?” And she said, “your mom and your dad! I told them he was sick!” and I think she thinks he’s a dying boy because she just compared him to my grandpa who passed away last summer. 

Welp, I guess my brother’s dying you guys.

(No, he’s not, he went to go get his ear checked….)